Same same, but different.



No no no… money is not the reason we do it for. Not money, nor your personal information, not any other agenda. 

We are here to provide the service we want to have and do not have elsewhere. A chat platform that is rich, reliable, safe, private, flexible, independent, powerful, straight forward, and absolutely free.

This service is free. Fully and really free. You do not pay for it with money, nor with your data. 

Advertisers, sorry. Please go to invest your money elsewhere. We do not like it. It’s just annoying.

in other words: this is not a commercial product, it’s just a private, personal not for profit venture. 

You do not have to expose your real name, your mobile phone or email address. And even when you chose to add your phone or email to your profile we do nothing with it. Not selling it, not sharing it, not mining it.

However, while we are fully committed for democratizing the internet, for a change, we are also law obedient. If we get a court order to expose your data, and the court order is legal, we will do it and will thank the court for helping us not to abuse the system for illegal activities. 

We also have no political agenda and have no intention to enforce our personal views on others.

if you are Chinese, American or wherever you are,  you will have to comply with your local laws.  

We do not have to agree or to like your country’s law, we are not here to challenge it. 

This is simply a straight forward chat service.  It’s done for good, use it for good.