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Terms of use

Terms of use

You are allowed to use for lawful and ethical use only.

We do not have the right to use your data for anything outside the purpose of serving you better and improving the usage of our system.

Your data belongs to you. We do not share your data with anybody else.

When you  delete your content, it’s totally deleted. We do not save any copy of it whatsoever.

However be aware that content that you sent to others on this service might remain on their possession.

In order to keep this service free, really free and not “free”, we must limit and manage the file storage.

The way we do it is by auto deleting old files, in order to free storage for new files (FIFO). 

We provide the ability to buy storage, in case you want to save the files without auto delete them. We charge annual fee of $50 for 20 GB, $100 for 40 GB etc. You may use this capacity for one use or as shared storage for multiple users. 

In order to prevent abuse of the storage space alongside with keeping the service as free and anonymous as possible, we do not require any personal data and verification for modest use. Once the system recognize that you are consuming heavy traffic and storage, we will as you to verify your email and phone number and to verify you are not a robot.

We allow one person to have one account, with up to 10 different profiles (family, work, business, hobbies etc). 

Accounts are saved as long as they are in use. If you did not logged to the account for 3 months your attaché files will be auto deleted to save storage for active users. If you did not use the system for 6 months your account will be deleted, your user name will be available for new users, and you come back and can creat a new account again.

As we do not collect, track or save any personal data, you will not be able to restore any of the data or accounts we deleting. We do not save copies.

We do not allow impersonating. You may use nicknames as you wish, but we do not allow users to use profile name, picture or data that may mislead others.

In sensitive cases of famous people we may ask users to verify the personality behind the account. Verified users gat automatically extra storage, verified account sign, protection for their name, and life time account validity (verified accounts are never deleted).

Every user can apply for verification by contacting our support. It’s free. 

You may use the chat service for your business, by providing an open and direct “contact  us” link or embedding code on any website.  It’s also free.

you may create a public chat room for specific topics. Please keep public links with appropriate content only. Keep your sensitive content only for one one one chat or non public groups that accept to be part of your group.