Same same, but different.



Same, same, but different

COTCOT is a non-commercial, private, independent web-app, which we created for our family and friends, because we could not find a messaging platform that offers the features we were seeking.

Using COTCOT with family, friends and business partners, we found it more useful than other messaging services, so we decided to make COTCOT available to all, as a public good, not as a profit-making venture.

We do not share, sell, or use your personal data for any commercial purpose. 

COTCOT  is free to use. Not so-called “free” where you pay with your data and privacy,  but truly free. No ads. No data mining. No trackers. No catch.

Users of COTCOT can communicate one-on-one or as a group, simply, securely, and reliably, on a variety of media - text, audio, photo, video, and document. While these sound like the same features of any messaging platform, COTCOT is different in several important aspects.

To start with, COTCOT is not an "APP" on apps store or google play like other messaging services. COTCOT is web-based. thanks to this freedom, COTCOT solves multiple problems faced by users of app-based messaging.

Problems that COTCOT solves

Accessible anywhere, any device

With COTCOT there is no need for you to download any app or to link the service to your telephone number or device. Since there is no direct link with your telephone, you can use COTCOT on any device, as well as on multiple devices simultaneously.

Without such a link, you also enjoy greater security. Your telephone cannot be compromised if COTCOT ever got hacked. Similarly, your encrypted messages cannot be compromised because the text messages you send and receive are not shared with Google’s Android or Apple’s IOS notification center.

COTCOT releases you from the constraint of using certain messaging platforms only in certain regions. COTCOT is available for use anywhere in the world by anyone who has access to the Internet. Thus, using only COTCOT you can connect with your network all over the world. COTCOT is unique among messaging platforms to provide this universal access.

Multiple profiles, one account

COTCOT liberates you from the limitation of one profile per account, as is the normal practice in other messaging services.

On COTCOT, you can have multiple profiles in the same account without the need for additional account, phone number, or email address. You can present your separate personal, family, professional, and business profiles, all in one place, each with a different nickname, profile photo and description.

Data not stored on phone

Storing data directly in your telephone, as is the case with other messaging services, poses problems for you. The data take up valuable storage space in your telephone. Moreover, when you yourself delete files from your phone, they are not really deleted. Copies of the files are kept on the messaging service provider’s cloud over which you have no control.

With COTCOT, data are not stored in your telephone or any of your devices. Your files are encrypted and stored in a COTCOT dedicated file storage server. And when you delete your contenton COTCOT, it will be totally deleted on the server, with no copy saved.

Currently, COTCOT provides file storage on fair-use basis. Anautomated process checks the total available storage that COTCOT can afford to give, and it deletes old files from all the users to free space for new files. While COTCOT is working on a solution to provide unlimited storage without compromising users’ privacy, you are advised to save important files at least once a month. You will get a system notification 3 days before old files are deleted, with the option to download them as a zip file.

Unique emergency tool

You can find yourself at a loss in an emergency if you don’t have immediate access to your telephone, which stores all your data. COTCOT easily solves this problem. With COTCOT you can use any telephone or electronic device to connect instantly with your contacts, without the need to install anything. This makes COTCOT an invaluable emergency tool.

Personal disclosure not required

COTCOT does not require you to provide personal data for text chat. You don’t need to disclose your real name, telephone number or email address to start a chat. Upon registration, you will be given a COTCOT user ID. People can chat with you using only your COTCOT user ID.

COTCOT asks for email and phone verification only in case you want to send and store other files in addition to text. This is toprotect the system from bot-users and abusers who might overload traffic that will slow down the service for everybody.

COTCOT does not save, share, or use these data other than to verify that you are a real user and not a bot or service abuser.

COTCOT will act as required by law should it receive a valid court order to share your data with the authorities for crime investigation.

Let users control privacy

COTCOT gives you full control over your privacy. You choose what information you want to reveal about yourself publicly. If you want people to find you by telephone number or email address, you can show that in your “how people can find me” settings. You can also choose to provide zero information about yourself.

Grow network without hassle

With COTCOT, it is easy to invite people to chat with you live. You simply send them an invitation code. By entering this code on the website, they can bypass the registration, verification and confirmation process, which is such a hassle on other messaging platforms.  

One code does it all automatically for you and your invitees.This is ideal to establish live and direct communication with customers on eCommerce platforms, such as eBay and Amazon, and on freelancers’ platforms.

Live customer support

COTCOT is the only messaging service that facilitatesengagement with customers to take your customer care to the next level. COTCOT does this by providing a dedicated URL that can be used for live-support chat with your website visitors.

With this URL, your website visitors can contact and chat with you in real time or leave you an offline message if you are not available. All this can be done with just one click from any device, totally free for them and for you.

Versatile chat rooms

Without having to install any app or software, COTCOT allows you to create chat rooms simply by clicking on the “create a room” link on the website.

Your chat room lets you connect your teams, streamline communications, share ideas or projects, and spark instant communities for collaboration in real time. Chat rooms are encrypted and secure, and they can be private or public as you choose. You have full control over who can read, join, or what messages to allow or delete.

You can invite people to join your chat room, simply by sending them an invitation code. All this for free.



In creating COTCOT, we are guided by the following principles.

You can consider it as our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use too.

1. Data belong to users

We believe that data belong to users and not to platform operators. We do not require you to disclose your real name, phone number or email address to use this service. And even when you chose to add your phone or email details to your profile, we do nothing with it. Not selling it, not sharing it, not mining it.

 We do not have the right to use your data for anything outside the purpose of serving you better and improving the usage of our system.Your data belong to you.

We do collect all the common information that we need, such as cookies, to serve our users better. As system developers and platform operators, we have the ability to look at your content, same as any other system developer.However, we only do this when we are forced to do so by the law, or to provide technical support.

 We do our best to encrypt and protect any third party from spying on you. However, you should be aware that nothing on the Internet is absolutely protected. Every communication between two Internet users has to cross many hubs, links, and access points all over the globe, and this could open the door to those with the capacity, tools, and interest to spy on you, out of our knowledge or control.

When you delete your content, it is totally deleted. We do not save any copy of it whatsoever. However, be aware that the content that you sent to others on this service might remain on their possession.

 2. Service is free

This service is free. Fully and really free. You do not pay for it with money or your data. Advertisers, sorry. Please go and invest your money elsewhere. We do not like it. It’s just annoying. In other words: this is not a commercial product, it’s simply a private, not-for-profit venture providing a public good.

 In order to keep this service genuinely free, we must limit and manage the file storage.The way we do it is by auto deleting old files, in order to release storage for new files on a first-in first-out basis (FIFO).

3. Compliance is a must

We fully support democratizing the Internet and freedom of expression, but we are not above the law. So we are committed to legal compliance.

If we get a legitimate order from the relevant authorities to expose your data, we will cooperate to stop abusive, illegal or criminal activities, unless we have reason to believe that the order is an infringement of human rights and against the public's interest.

In other words: This is not a service to hide from authorities. As we are all on the internet, you should assume that all your communications -on COTCOT or on any other web-based or app-based service- are not fully secure, just as ALL your communications with any IOS or Android app are NOT fully protected from 3rd parties, illegal and unauthorized spying on you.  

We have no political agenda for this platform, and no intention to enforce our views on anyone.

So, If you are Chinese you will have to comply with Chinese laws, just as we will, regardless of whether we like it or not.

If you are American you will have to comply with American laws, just as we will, whether we like it or not, and so forth.

We do not have to agree or like your law. We are not here to challenge it. This is simply a straight forward messaging service. Enjoy it. Lawfully. Do not abuse it.

4. Misuse is not tolerated

This service reflects our goodwill to all users. if it is misused or abused in a material way, we will consider changing our registration procedure to enforce verification of identity.

As long as people continue to use the platform without abusing it, we prefer to keep it this way. So please use COTCOT wisely, lawfully and for good.

5. Do and don’t

We do not allow to use COTCOT for any illegal activity.

We do not allow porn content on group and public rooms.

We do not allow adults to communicate with children under 18, that are not their close family.

Children can use COTCOT only by a parent-registration avvount, allowing the parents to monitor children's activities in real time, so they can block users and take actions against abusers.

We do not allow the service to be used to buy, sell, or negotiate, any illegal deals, products, or services.

We do not allow using the service to orchestrate illegal protest, anti- government activities or blackmail.

As a web-based service, COTCOT is open to use in any country and every user must observe the unique laws of his country.

6. Respect for your data
As the designers and operators of this platform, we technically CAN so called “hack” your account, and technically speaking, we CAN read your content, just as Google and Apple can read all your mobile phone content.

But We, do not do it. we are really and genuinely trying to provide an open, free, useful and joyful service. As privacy- freaks we treat your data with real respect, not just a endless, tricky and double meanings privacy policy Blah Blah Blah…

However, as you are on the public space of the internet, and your encrypted data and your device can be compromised in so many ways by so many 3rd parties, we recommend that you trust nobody too much (but don’t be too paranoid either).

Assume that anybody can listen to you. Sing like nobody’s listening, dance as no one is looking, love as there is no tomorrow, but do no harm - as on the internet everybody watching you (and since 1984 to date, the good guys as well as the bad guys got much better tools to do it).

About support.

Just as any other technology in the world, COTCOT is in a never ending beta mode. We keep testing, improving, developing, adding new features and updating the current one.

We do provide technical support, as much as our free time allows, via chat.

If you face any technical problem, have a good idea how to improve the service or you want to alert us about illegal activity on our platform please click the support link bellow to contact us directly.

Advertisers, please do NOT contact us, we are not going to change our mind.

Big Data companies, your money is not welcome here. please do NOT contact us.

Investors, thank you for your interest, but we are not for profit. We do not look for investments, as it might compromise the nature of this service as we want it to be: really free and respecting users interest.

Thank you, and we really hope you can enjoy COTCOT.