Control. Open. Trustworthy.



COTCOT is an open, professional and effective web-based chat service that can be used simultaneously in multiple devices, phone, iPad or computer.

No ads. No data mining.  No spying. No catch. 

Just like the good old days.

We are here to provide the service we want to have for ourselves and couldn’t find  elsewhere: A chat platform that with rich features, reliable, safe, private, flexible, independent, powerful, straight forward, and absolutely free.

This service is not “free”, but really free. You do not pay for it with money, nor with your data. 

In other words: this is not a commercial product, it’s just a private, personal not for profit venture. 

While registering you do not have to expose your real name, your mobile phone or email address. 

However, If you want people to find you by any of your email addresses or phone numbers, you can add it on your “how people can find me” settings, but we never show it in public, we never use it other than to let other users who search for it to find you. We do not share or sell or use any of your personal data other than serving you and only you. 

Otherwise anybody can chat with you by using your unique COTCOT user ID. 

You can creat multiple profiles, so you can be presented the best way you wish to as your business profile, personal profile, family profile etc.

We may change our policy and force new users to verify their identity, if this free and goodwill service will get abused, but as long as people use it without abusing it, we prefer to keep it as is.

However, while we are fully committed for democratizing the internet, freedom of speech and the human right for privacy, we are also fully committed to prevent abuse and crimes. If we get a court order to expose your data, and in our judgment the court order is legal and not against human rights, we will fully cooperate with law enforcement to fight against crimes. 

This service has no political agenda and have no intention to enforce our personal views on others. 

If you are Chinese you will have to comply with the Chinese laws, if you American you will have to comply with the American laws, etc. We do not have to agree or to like your law, where you are from, we are not here to challenge it. 

This is simply a straight forward chat service. Enjoy it. Do not abuse it.